The "Setter Gordon Club International" informs that with the collaboration of the RASG, which we thank, the first edition of the International Challenges will take place on the following dates and places:

  • Challenge "Gibier Naturel ": two days with the CACIT in Penin on 30/09 and 01/10
  • Challenge "Gibier Tiré": two days with the CACIT in Capelle les Hesdin on 02/10 and 03/10

Arras and St Pol sur Ternoise, in the Pas de Calais department, are the important towns in the area. Of course, these events will take place if, as we all hope, the health situation allows.

From this year (2021), the International Challenges will replace the European Championships GN and GT, and will be, with the European Spring Cup, the most important moments of confrontation reserved for European Gordon Setters, for the quality of the game, the land and the judges. Their main objective is to improve the Gordon Setter as a hunting dog, which is why this breed was selected.

It is possible to participate in one of the two Challenges or in both Challenges. The entry price is set at 35 € per day for GN and 45 € per day for GT (160 € for all 4 days).

Registration form: symbol pdf a copy of the rabies certificate must be sent together with the registration form. Payment will be made by transfer to the RASG account before the competition.

The field trials will take place according to the F.C.I. and S.C.C. and the dogs' work will be evaluated according to the "standard" approved by the Gordon Setter Club International in 1994 and amended in 1997. The judges will be chosen by the RASG, obviously preferably for those who know the breed.

The International Club will reward the winner of the Challenge GN and the winner of the Challenge GT. The prize will be awarded if the dog has run both days of the trials of each challenge. The points table attached to the European Spring Cup regulations will be used to determine the winner of each challenge. In addition, a special prize will be awarded to the Gordon Setter who has obtained the highest score in both challenges. The Club hopes that this new initiative will meet the favor of the European Gordoniers.

Maurizio Peri
President SGCI
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