6 oct 2018

FT couple no 1 - Jury G.Gaggero, O.Massierà
no dog classified

FT couple no 2 - Jury: A.Evangelisti, A.Bonacina
1°Exc. CAC CACIT - Oldrado da Ponte, owner. M.Pansera, handler E.Marchetti
2°TB First - Gordon English Beauty owner and handler G.Scandella

7 oct 2018

FT couple no 1 - Jury: A.Bonacina, A.Evangelisti
1°Exc. - Argo, owner and handler F.Pettorelli

FT couple no 2 - Jury O.Massierà, G.Gaggero
1° Exc. - CAC CACIT Ciro, owner M.Peri, handler E.Marchetti

Jury of barrage: Massierà, Gaggero, Bonacina
  • European Champion Male: Ciro
  • European Vice Champion Male: Oldrado da Ponte
No female has obtained the title due to the absence of the minimum qualification required (Exc.).

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